Whats wrong with star wars vii


Although some see the "Mary Su e" title that Rey often gets may anger some for a variety of creative and political reasons, there is some fairness to the criticism.

Sure, it diverges in places, which is a nice way to subvert expectations, but, for the most part, they follow the exact same beats. Yet fans completely overlooked this because Ford was given a lot to do elsewhere. One would think that they would have sent armies to help the Resistance defeat The First Order. You'd think by now the Empire or Empire-like entities would know not to place all their hopes on one major weapon, especially as the Resistance usually attacks head-on and destroys it.

From a played-out space attack on the Empire's weapon of mass destruction, to R2-D2 being used as a GPS for Luke, to Rey and Leia sharing a connection that would go unexplained, it was all filled with fluff.

whats wrong with star wars vii

Every Star Wars movie has been at least somewhat political, and many arrived in theaters during challenging times. The fact that we don't know is a big missed opportunity. Given the fact that the Resistance is underground, it also seems highly risky to ask for help to contact them.

Why Do So Many 'Star Wars' Fans Hate 'The Last Jedi'?

Battle Angel: It was a creative outlet for fans of all ages. Maz Kanata's base, the Finn and Poe dynamic, and keeping Rey's background in the dark all the time just felt like the film was asking you to bear with it until the sequel where more could be explained.

Additionally, they cast Gwendoline Christie and hid her behind a silver mask the entire time. The similarities between the two are far-reaching. The most LOL-worthy things the Internet has to offer. Leave A Comment. Family's the heart and soul of these films and making Kylo literally destroy its concept felt like a slap in the face of the old movies, which used the love of family to heal the galaxy.

Abrams was all about the destination and not the journey. To top it off, we got even more bumbling Stormtroopers again, a far cry from the Deathtroopers we saw in "Rogue One" , and most disappointingly, Captain Phasma, who brought a ton of hype with her.


There's no easy answer to this, but many great films have found solutions. If you look at the design of Luke's character in A New Hope , you won't find these problems. It makes sense, though. But wouldn't that push him and Leia closer? We're hoping "The Last Jedi" addresses all these issues come Christmas, but the older movies never crammed such big revelations down our throats or tried to keep us guessing.

Unless there was a specific plot reason why The Knights of Ren needed to exist, there's no need for them.

whats wrong with star wars vii