What is a lotologist

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The themes of lottery tickets range widely. The issuing lottery agency stopped sales, recalled unsold tickets and usually destroyed inventory of remaining tickets. Collecting lottery tickets is a hobby that really lends itself to being computerized in many ways.

what is a lotologist

Example Citation: But they are numbered 0-4. Morse started collecting things when he was boy, growing up in Chicago. Nationally there are 42 states plus Washington, D. A person who is an expert on where and when tree leaves change color during the fall.

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Expand Collapse. Lotologist Monthly March 2014 Page 10. Morse takes those tickets home and sorts them. The Grand Slam with a stub called Winners Circle 2.

what is a lotologist

Fout is a lotologist , as those who share this hobby call themselves. More weird news. Does it need improvements?

what is a lotologist

Example Citations: He has videotape collections, thousands of books all stacked and piled in his living room and a Pokemon toy collection from Burger King.

Write an article about collecting! Dictionaries export , created on PHP,. He'll also be keeping tabs on the new tickets, stockpiling for current and future collectors. People like to collect things. When I stumbled into a Lotology forum at my local stamp store, I was amazed that I had not seen it before!

The compiler is an Indiana man who has amassed the largest ticket collection in the country. Or, just postal mail it.

The Lotologist Monthly

Star Trek scratch-off tickets are probably the most valuable of all the California games because they are prized by thousands of Trekkies as well as " lotologists. I tell everybody I know that every ticket I buy is a winner. He collects a lot of things but is most passionate about one thing in particular: I love to talk tickets! Log in Registration.