What happened to spain in ww2

The other thing Portugal did was to serve as an escape route for jews. Donzel51 says: Franco, seeing that the Allies had just begun the invasion of Italy and sensed that the Allies started to gain the upper hand, largely yielded to this demand, leaving only a regiment-sized unit nicknamed "Blue Legion" on the Eastern Front.

By late 1939, Spain was shattered by three years of total war. As you know in May 1940 Italy joined the Axis while France was being conquered.

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Spain, was the truly test for the Nazi Army during the Civil War 36-39... He took cyanide the night before he was due to be hanged. Did you enjoy this article? I had heard a lot of this before, but the answer goes into more detail than I had seen. The Blue Division fought exclusively on the Eastern Front against Russia, and suffered as much as other German units when the tide turned against Germany.

what happened to spain in ww2

Neutrality in the war. So basically the Germans didn't invade Spain since he considered them allies, but the allied powers didn't either as Spain was neutral.

General Franco gave list of Spanish Jews to Nazis

Neither Spain nor Portugal threatened Germany in any way nor as with Napoleon could Great Britain "bleed the Empire white" so to speak. The Portuguese and English agreed that neutrality for Portugal was the most viable stance though Portugal helped the alliance in other ways like evacuating civilians from Gilbraltar to Madeira and allowing later in the war, bases in the Azores.

Food and industrial productivity were a shadow of pre-civil war values.

What if PORTUGAL and SPAIN Became One Country?

The list does not seem to have included Jews fleeing from Vichy France — where similar lists were being drawn up — or the rest of Europe , who were mostly sent on to Portugal. However, the army also divided in two sides" and c outright lies "he didnt want to leave power because he didnt trust the politicians" poor, poor power hungry dictator , "to avoid tensions with Hitler he grew Falangists at the power" Franco used Falangists to get power but got them under his control as soon as he could, by 1939 they were just a political pretexte under his control but would continue to serve in that position for most of his dictature.

WWII Document Reveals: General Franco Handed Nazis List of Spanish Jews

Although social progress was made under this government, political instability led to the Spanish Civil War which began in 1936. So the report was made by a young officer OF-4 equivalent called Carrero Blanco. I met a man today whose father WAS a volunteer, but such is war.

Hitler is reported to have furiously declared that he "would rather have three or four teeth pulled out" than spend more time with the ungrateful Spaniard. The republic was in chaos.

what happened to spain in ww2

Spain had just lived through a similar experience to the worst of the Western Front during the Great War, and even twenty years later the populations of France and Belgium had a visceral phobia of any repeat of war. He renounced definitively the falangists on the power in order to please allies and the conservatives with moderate-liberals recover the influence and at the same time the Spanish king was named a successor, the monarchy was reestablished.

Portugal had been a long-time British ally, and was very vulnerable to British naval power particularly regarding its colonies.

what happened to spain in ww2