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Engine Oil Capacity. Over the last few years Canon's overall market share has actually increased. MILC man I don't get the canon mentality, and the fanboy nonsense about bigger lens mounts. For sure you can take great photos with the R, but people expected more from Canon.

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Feb 23, 2019 168 sample gallery. Prefer the 30MP of Canon for landscapes and street. But on a serious note, I think some of their engineers' "freedom" was a bit crippled. Blahblahblah We left the mirror away Blahblahblah. Pushing it only makes more or less visible. I agree dual pixel mode is a bit of a gimmick and the Touch Bar is a bit strange when using for stills however it Is a genius addition to adjust audio levels when shooting video.

Feb 25, 2019 83 camera news.

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They are from the wrong era, they need an infusion of younger management that whilst knowing cameras also understand the modern tech and it's capabilities. They're basically matched for technology. Width to Outside of Tracks. It's not that the R seems like a bad camera, it's just that more and more people are seeing that Canon have become the latter-day-Nokia of the camera industry: As for Canon, it depends.

This eye for an opportunity to innovate is perhaps most clearly seen in the way the EOS R, unlike any other mirrorless camera, closes its mechanical shutter when shut down.

Greater freedom: Canon's engineers talk about the EOS R project

Yet, AFAIK, over all these years these two mounts have been competing, I have seen no evidence that Canon's lenses are, in general, optically superior to Nikon's.

Toyota corolla is a good car that will do every thing most people want on a daily base. MILC man "all are perfect on the r" lol, that's just hilarious... Latest in-depth reviews. I think the disappointment here is that what Canon chose to do does not conform to what people here wanted it to do.

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