How to properly aim projector headlights

how to properly aim projector headlights

The markings will help you pinpoint where the beams should be centred. Comment Post Cancel.

How to Adjust Projector Headlight. 6 Things You Must Do

For instance, the 2 inches below the centre line at 25 feet away specifications I described above are for Chrysler Group vehicles. High Visibility — the lens design and positioning in projector headlights produce a light beam that is best suited for night driving as opposed to the conventional parabolic reflector headlights. All rights reserved. I know that the first time i attempted an HID projector retro, my number one problem was concerning the aiming of the projectors.

Choose a location with a garage door or wall facing a level surface, like a level driveway or parking lot.

How to Aim a Headlight

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Carpenter's Level. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Cars.

how to properly aim projector headlights

Align your car dead center in your driveway.... Filtered by: It should be aiming directly between your two marks. How to aim your projector headlights- diagram!!!

How to Adjust Your Headlights

And obviously not busy. Today's Top Stories. First bring the lower step of the cutoff to just below the lower of the two tape lines.

how to properly aim projector headlights

Posts Latest Activity. If possible find a vertical white wall because it looks cool and it will give you a better representation of the beam. More often than not, they are found on the back of the housing assembly.

how to properly aim projector headlights

Someone think this should be a sticky? Using more tape now place a horizontal line 2. You can get more information about your line here.

how to properly aim projector headlights