How to pronounce indian last names

how to pronounce indian last names

For example, Srinivas is three sounds: Would this be a more Americanized plosive P or softer p that is closer to a b? David, fantastic post that'll be immediately useful to most non-Indians looking for some help pronouncing Indian names.

One client stated, wow it makes me feel good you even know that much. Hey, I really appreciate all your efforts in putting together this thread! Aside from changing the spelling of your name, I do not think there is any easy way to clue native English speakers in to the proper pronunciation of your name without totally changing the spellings.

How to pronounce Indian names

For example, I know that a name of Spanish origin like Jose is pronounced Hosey. Ma is always pronounced mah like mama. Save Advertisements. And, most relevant here, I know how to work with Indian software developers. Over time, we Americans have taught ourselves to at least attempt to pronounce European names correctly.

Learn to Pronounce Indian Names

First name Madhu.. The thing is, if your observant about the components that Indian names are made of, you will discover that even really long names become easier to pronounce because they are just combinations of components you are already familiar with.

Then try it and have them correct you.

how to pronounce indian last names

David, Great article! Additionally, dialects vary widely by region in India, and my particular observations may not cover all regions. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

How To Pronounce Indian Names

SEE Pah Poo with the emphasis on the first syllable. Just read a novel which takes place in India- characters are: I'm looking at writing my Indian name and surname in a way that it can be pronounced correctly by colleagues.

how to pronounce indian last names

Fifth Rule Not so much a rule as it is an observation. I have a family at my library named Bhave. Kris TEE ann sen not Kris chen sen.

how to pronounce indian last names