How to make macrame plant hangers indoor

Simple, yet meticulously handcrafted, this beauty would be gracing your home or balcony garden, or brightening up an office.

DIY Macrame Plant Holders: A Chic Way to Hang Indoor Plants

Liveability, life the life you want sustainably. Large - 516 x 474 px Large - 516 x 474 px Medium - 408 x 429 px Small - 300 x 340 px. And Using natural materials giving a minimalist feel and creating a relaxed feel in the room.

how to make macrame plant hangers indoor

Tie another 7 half-knot spirals and repeat this process on the remaining 2 group of strands. Tie one large knot with all 6 pieces of string together — leaving the end hanging below. To make a gathering knot, create a loop at one end of the separate piece by folding it over about 10 cm 4 in from one end.

As the plant grows, it will cascade beautifully over the hanger.

Pack of 2 Macrame Plant Hanger Hanging Planter Basket 35 Inch

Share this on: You get a modern plant hanger with a metallic cherry on top! DIY Soap Dishes. Each group of 4 strands is made up of 'working' strands the 2 outside strands and 'filler' strands the 2 middle strands. Repeat this process, until you have 7 tight square knots in a row.

Lay the loop on top of the bunch of strands, under the end of the row of square knots, so that the loop is at the bottom and the 2 loose pieces of the loop are over the square knots — 1 long piece and 1 shorter 'tail'.

how to make macrame plant hangers indoor

Repeat step 11, followed by step 4, for the remaining 2 groups of strands. From our network.

how to make macrame plant hangers indoor

Check out the instructions at Seasoned and get your own! Tie a further 6 half-knot spirals onto the same group of strands by repeating step 7 until you have a spiral made up of 7 half-knots.

how to make macrame plant hangers indoor

Pull on both strands to tighten and push up to the first knot. These plant hangers by Garden Therapy are the greatest! Thread the 15 cm 6 in piece of twine or wool up through the copper coupler until about half of it is at the same end as the loop.