How to improve obstruction in netball skills

I'm not sure where this comes from or why defenders let it happen.

how to improve obstruction in netball skills

Mans-on defence. This can be done by marking your opponent as closely as possible without fouling.

Related Articles. Defend the Lane view drill. This is a popular type of defence with teams. This will force them to play wide leaving more space in between players.

Five things you can do to improve your netball skills

You must take control of the game you are playing and not panic. How do you expect to be able to rebound or protect a pass-off whilst holding another's skirt? A cross-court pass is a pass that goes from one side of the court to the other, which takes a much longer time to reach the receiver.

how to improve obstruction in netball skills

They include two common teaching points. Be a good judge of the speed of the ball and the distance it is travelling, so that in the event that there is long high ball, it can be intercepted.

You might have to pay midfield, but there's no rules saying otherwise. Start with yourself and make sure you are able to focus and communicate with your team well.

how to improve obstruction in netball skills

Players need to work collectively in order to slow down the speed of the attack, by limiting the passing options and forcing errors in order to gain possession of the ball. How do I become a good netball goal defender?

Netball Coaching Drills for Beginners

Give these basic netball marking drills a try in your practice session. Therefore, you're not able to react as quickly.

All players on the team will then be required to do what goalkeepers and the goal defence do: Not Helpful 9 Helpful 7.