How do i access my iomega cloud

how do i access my iomega cloud

Top Kudoed Authors. I have the same issue where port will open to my laptop but not iomegatv, have tried a different router and iomega support and still the port remains closed to the iomegatv. My perception of the iCloud is that I can mount the device as if it were on my network wherever I may be perhaps with better throughput.

Jan 19, 2019.

how do i access my iomega cloud

Mac, iPhone and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc. I have tried and bought several apps. I agree with other comments that the iomega instructions for connecting internet users is very incomplete — especially as it relates to the difference between cloud users IDs and NAS user IDs — and their relation to iomega link.

Which would I use? I had to do a little digging to figure out what the problem was….

how do i access my iomega cloud

However, they will surely refer you to a professional partner company for assistance. Anyway, I felt oddly let down by that. Enable the Personal Cloud, remember the Personal Cloud name. Nov 13, 2018. Feb 17, 2019. Who can we ask that can give this option?

Iomega Personal Cloud – Now in your pocket

This seems to be the only article that shows that there might be problems connecting the iPhone to the personal cloud, you say you solved the problem, but you never really said how.

Iomega ix4 200d Firmware. Storage 3 Aug 23, 2018. Glad I could be of help!

Iomega Home Media Network Hard Drive network access problem

What goes where? So lets go. Jase, I wanted to let you know that your instructions on setup for getting to my home media server from my ipad worked great. Can you advise if i also need the latest firm ware upgrade as it dont seem to want to update.

how do i access my iomega cloud

But if I browse to the location where the file to be streamed is located, it works fine. Blocking these could be the culprit. Have you also tried using a different USB cable while connecting to the computer? Similar threads T.

how do i access my iomega cloud