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Why Brexiters are quietly content with May's elephantine U-turn Theresa May's change of mind means Brexit day has probably shifted from 29 March to 30 June. Cyber security analytics is about improving our resilience to cyber-attacks through data modelling to detect and block malicious behaviour before it causes its full impact; but also about understanding what motivates the behaviour, what its likely impact will be, and how to communicate security alerts among decision and policy-makers.

We have had no reported cyber incidents affecting NHS Wales but are monitoring the situation closely.

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The fatal stabbing on Tuesday night was the fifth homicide in London in nine days. Temperatures reach 21C Tuesday is likely to see the sixth consecutive day of temperatures above 18C. Theresa May's change of mind means Brexit day has probably shifted from 29 March to 30 June. Special edition on Harry and Meghan's Morocco visit. Debi Edward Asia Correspondent.

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Share Tweet Plus Reddit. Technology Cardiff University Cardiff. It will represent another boost to the region, after the announcement Deca Sealand was chosen for a repair hub for defence aircraft.

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Four fire engines and an all-terrain vehicle helped tackle the Edinburgh fire from Tuesday night and into the early hours of Wednesday. The funding is needed to carry out essential on-going repairs to the bridge, improve the gondola which dates back to 1906, and to create a bigger and better visitor centre which will include improved visitor facilities at the site.

A judge revoked his bail and said he will deliver his sentence on March 13.

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Read more: From our journalists. Systems are believed to have been hit by a ransomware cyber attack using malware called "Wanna Decryptor", which works by encrypting files on a user's computer, blocking them from view and threatening to delete them unless a payment is made.

What kind of Brexit delay is the EU considering? Wales Technology. The president has said he will veto the bill if passed in the Senate. The prime minister is on Monday preparing a dramatic shift in her Brexit policy.

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But the Welsh Government have said no such incidents have affected NHS hospitals in Wales, as they continue to monitor the situation. NHS Wales has announced it is to block all incoming emails to its accounts until at least Monday, following a cyber attack on Friday which hit services in Scotland and England.

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