Where is isuofia located synonyms

It was a joke, of course, but just where the point of the joke was located she was not sure.

be located

Frantically I scrambled in the dark till I located the batteries. Sense of "mark the limits of a place" especially a land grant is attested from 1739 in American English; this developed to "establish something in a place" 1807 and "to find out the place of" 1882, American English. Synonyms for located adj situated. They were located there, and there they intended to remain like blocks of wood. At dawn on August 17, 1914, the Serbians located the Austrians.

I am positive that the force which is doing the work is located on the earth itself. Example Sentences forlocated Pee-wee wondered who Kelly was and where his barn was located.

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Darewell was located on the Still river, not far from Lake Erie. More words related to located fixed adjective.

I located it by accident—that is, in a way, it was an accident; of course, we had been searching for some time. Is there any doubt, after what has been said, that he is to be located in one of the divisions of children's play? Located ; locating. He felt along it, located the desk he sought for and scoured through it.