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Kevin Shields

But I find it fascinating how people see it in three parts: For the all-analogue vinyl remaster of Loveless released earlier this year, Kevin Shields gave himself the task of recreating the transitions between the tracks entirely with tape edits of copies of the original half-inch two-track masters. A half-second change would take a surprising amount of time to complete, as Shields and compatriot Andy Savours built their own edit blocks and devised mathematic formulas to cut the tape.

It feels like guitar music is currently in somewhat of a lull.

what you want mbv chords

For now, he leans on the bar — a big man, XL T-shirt — and, in a soft Irish accent, orders himself a small gin and tonic and a bottle of mineral water. Yes and no. But I've been searching my inner self, I suppose. And while Shields says he has no regrets, he does want to do things differently. In time, it seemed like people did, and I was just grateful and relieved for that. I have to admit we did price our CD a bit high because we really believed that buying the vinyl version with the CD and the download was so much better.

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But there's always someone who'll shit themselves at the slightest excuse. Creatively, it was a different situation. The next two hours glide by as he discusses decibel levels, corporate control and the collective unconscious. New forum posts VSTBuzz: I just wanted people to take it for what it was, so to give it its most genuine chance was for me to not be very involved in that process.

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Once we learned the song, we would sing it very similar each time. Your music sounds blissfully unaware of the musical world around it and exists in its own space.

CLASSIC TRACKS: My Bloody Valentine ‘Only Shallow’

I just wanted to focus on music but McGee and Green hadn't encountered someone like me before, a person that they couldn't control. It is said that during the making of Loveless, such was Shields' singularity, that Creation Records' bigwigs Dick Green and Alan McGee — to whom Shields was contracted — went grey and bald respectively overnight.

But how can I be stubborn about my own work? All of the crossfades were just Crossfade 1-10 and you just picked one. The quartet's subsequent reunion shows in 2008 gave him another jolt of energy. Anjali Dutt was recording us without hearing it.

He recently collaborated with Brian Eno on a piece and found the experience inspiring, in that Eno had systems that encouraged spontaneity.

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Other important features for Shields on Loveless were the transitions between tracks, meaning that he effectively mastered the album at The Church, as he put together the segues in an AMS Audiofile digital audio editor.

Soon Loveless, 1991 When shoegazing shuffled self-consciously towards the dancefloor… and dazzled!

what you want mbv chords

And I like the attitude. That said, he feels it may have fallen on deaf, or tone-deaf ears. For us, it was the main format. Colours and shapes moving through each other.

what you want mbv chords