What is the gangnam style dance

what is the gangnam style dance

Gangnam Style has a fast tempo, so work your way up to it to avoid being frustrated. Raise your right forearm so that it points straight up, and whip it in small circles to the beat of the song, as if you were a cowboy holding a rope lasso. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0. Keep your posture loose. Although you will never have the same amount of Gangnam Style as Park Jae-Sang, you can still walk with your nose in the air and point and laugh at the misfortunate human beings with absolutely no Gangnam Style if you in fact do have a large amount of said Style.

But why is this seemingly passing-trend of a video taking so long to pass?

Gangnam Style: What the PSY Song Means and Why it Went Viral

Don't think you have to dance stiffly or in a controlled manner. Should you form a company for your freelance business? Horsetrot dances to " gangnam style " Nelson:.................... Feel the dance. Open your legs, and bend your knees slightly.

what is the gangnam style dance

Skip to content. To have class and wealth. Follow the instructions, and look it up on YouTube for a demonstration.

what is the gangnam style dance

Lift your right arm up until your upper arm is about at shoulder level and your right elbow is pointing diagonally to the right. It's Gangnam Style''. She tossed off two guys at once.

How To Do The Gangnam Style Dance: A Step-By-Step Guide

Odin's beard 26. Getting on that high horse. Fun Dances In other languages: Proof that simple minded people can be convinced to sing and dance to songs in languages they can't understand.

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