What is sunnat mokadda

The Manners of Relieving.

What is a difference between sunnat mokadda , mokadda and ghair mokaddain namaz?

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Notify me of new comments via email. The back should be horizontally strait in line like a board. Sit for the amount of time you could say Subhan Allah at least three times.

Mishkat pg. Rest of the three fingers of right hand should be strait in line to each other.

what is sunnat mokadda

Fountains of Sacred Knowledge. One OR three rakaat Wajib 6: It is Mustahab a preferable deed to say the Niyat.

what is sunnat mokadda

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Number of Rakats in Salat or Namaz

The Fard Sunnat Nafil Salat 3: Two Rakaat offered as Thanks giving Prayer. Above mentioned procedure it for men.

what is sunnat mokadda

Gems Of Knowledge. Share this: Asr Namaz: Do you know how to do Wazoo?