What is boston tea party in 1773

In Boston, however, the royal governor Thomas Hutchinson determined to uphold the law and maintained that three arriving ships, the Dartmouth , Eleanor , and Beaver , should be allowed to deposit their cargoes and that appropriate duties should be honoured.

what is boston tea party in 1773

Boston Massacre. Massachusetts Historical Society.


That morning, as thousands of colonists convened at the wharf and its surrounding streets, a meeting was held at the Old South Meeting House where a large group of colonists voted to refuse to pay taxes on the tea or allow the tea to be unloaded, stored, sold or used. December 16th Celebration December 16th Anniversary Celebration Join us each and every year on December 16 to celebrate and re-enact the single most important event leading up to the American Revolution—the Boston Tea Party!

what is boston tea party in 1773

History Boston Tea Party. Places History of Boston.

What Was the Tea Act of 1773? - History

The incident has become known as the Boston Tea Party. The Tea Act stirred up all of the old feelings of resentment towards the British.

what is boston tea party in 1773

Tea smuggling in the colonies increased, although the cost of the smuggled tea soon surpassed that of tea from British East India Company with the added tea tax. Over 5000 people showed up, so the meeting had to be moved to the Old South Meeting House to accommodate the thousands of Boston citizens.

The Boston Tea Party

The Columbia Encyclopedia, 6th ed. The attackers were conscientious, and they damaged no ship or other cargo.

what is boston tea party in 1773

Places History of Boston. It enabled the East India Company to sell tea directly to the colonies without first going to Britain and resulted in colonial merchants being undersold.

Boston Tea Party

Oxford University Press, 1964. Boston Tea Party, 1773. April — October: By avoiding the cost of using wholesalers, the East India Company was able to sell tea more cheaply than other tea companies could. Britain hoped the Coercive Acts would squelch rebellion in New England and keep the remaining colonies from uniting, but the opposite happened: View our location, get directions, and learn about our discounted parking.