What is a multi deck oven

Water consumption is also an area of Deck Oven efficiency. Choosing the proper oven for your needs depends on a variety of factors. Empire Bakery Equipment has been helping bakeries of all sizes succeed for over 35 years through measured efficiency in labor and fuel consumption.

Even baking thanks to multi-deck oven

Available in wide range of sizes, Artisan bakers looking for old-world style results will find the Stone Hearth Deck Oven hard to beat. This gives the oven the ability to retain tremendous amounts of heat so that even when the burner shuts down the oven can continue to provide an even baking temperature.

what is a multi deck oven

Steam systems allow you to control exactly how much steam you supply each deck allowing you to achieve the perfect crust. Breads and rolls are baked directly on the stone hearth providing that unmistakable bottom finish.

what is a multi deck oven

The type of products you make, the volume you wish to produce, the space you have available and even your budget all effect your choices.

The exhaust systems of some modern Stone Hearth Deck Ovens utilize 3-phase electric allowing them to use far more efficient exhaust systems than their single phase counterparts. A good, high quality bakery oven will provide you with consistency and reliability for years to come.

Like traditional brick ovens they bake so well because of their ability to retain heat. You may find that you can actually save more in energy costs than the lease payment itself, allowing you to return money to your bottom line!

what is a multi deck oven

These remote systems tend to purge condensed steam frequently consuming both more water and fuel - a highly inefficient process. What will you return on investment be 1, 5 and 10 years from now?

We have a proud tradition of quality, reliability and superior customer service. The steam then circulates through the tubes by natural thermodynamics, radiating its heat evenly before condensing back into water and circulating back to the heating camber.

Heuft multi deck oven

Let's take a look at some of the additional advantages of owning a Deck Oven. How will those energy savings help you both now and into the future? List Your Company. These Vapor Tubes deliver heat evenly throughout the baking zone with no fans or moving parts necessary to distribute the heat.

Perhaps the most important investment you make in your business is your oven.

The Deck Oven Advantage

The key to success, however, is considering long-term sustainability over short-term impact. In a Vapor Tube Deck Oven , a single indirect burner heats the sealed vapor tubes turning the contained water into steam. Baking, after all, is the final testament to your art.

Crunch those numbers and compare your financing options to your expected energy savings.