What does unframed canvas mean

Why Should I Frame My Canvas Painting?

Framing a canvas print does more than provide a finished look; it can also add additional protection to your print, especially if the print is hung in a high traffic area where the corners might be bumped on occasion. Skip to content. That said, more often than not, I do like to see canvas paintings framed to fit both the style of the art and the setting where it will be displayed. An important purpose of a canvas frame is to complete a look, not to interfere with the original intent of the artist.

what does unframed canvas mean

There is common confusion between mounted prints, acrylic prints and canvas prints. These frames are attached to the canvas from the back as opposed to covering the image with a lip on the front. Leave a Comment Cancel reply.

What is a Canvas Print? All You Need to Know

Ultimately, you end up purchasing a low quality, unframed canvas art which is not worth buying. Always, always, always, buy canvas prints from the shops where you can physically work with a designer.

It is a very thick heavy weight paper, thicker than canvas. Unless you have the required skills, resources and materials for framing a canvas in the top-notch quality, you must let the professionals handle it.

what does unframed canvas mean

No Account? So how do you choose whether to frame your canvas print or hang it as mounted? Our design a wall feature offers even more guidance to help you plan. Generally, you might want to consider hanging a canvas print unframed if: However, modern or contemporary prints can still be framedlook towards lighter, thinner frames to complement the print.

The Downsides to Buying Cheap & Unframed Canvas Art

Since part of the beauty of canvas prints is in the texture of the canvas, even when framed canvas prints are not generally hidden behind glass. Wall Decoration Ideas: To capture fine details, keep the canvas water resistant and acid free, and keep it from tarnishing over time, you need to invest on high grade canvas art. You may lose the originality of the picture. Gallery wrapped is important because the canvas is stretched onto 1.

One of the benefits of canvas prints is that they can be hung directly on your wall without framing, but canvas prints can also be framed for a put-together, finished look.

what does unframed canvas mean

Register Now. Whether you want to display a family vacation or a timeline of school photos, canvas prints are an eye-catching way to show off your favorite photos. A finished canvas print can match the dcor and attitude of any room in your home with or without a frame. There are no hard and fast rules to this personal choice, though you might consider framing your canvas print before hanging if: But more stylized frames like contemporary or traditional, bring out the character of the photo.

what does unframed canvas mean

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