What does tiger sharks eat

How Tiger Sharks Work

What kind of foods the animal eats. Adults ate mostly fish and then some larger prey items, like turtles. Tiger sharks also are harvested for their flesh, which can be used to make leather, and for their livers, which have high levels of vitamin A and can be used to make vitamin oils. However, not everyone is out to get the tiger sharks. Stay up to date with news and research highlights from the Great Barrier Reef Foundation. For this reason they acquired the reputation of being "garbage eaters" and were considered primitive.

what does tiger sharks eat

Tiger tales Other than their stripes, tiger sharks share another trait with tigers: This is totally legal, and the stomachs themselves are collected by NOAA observers.

Only the young are exposed to this kind of pressure.

what does tiger sharks eat

Another portion of my stomachs came from a survey run by the National Marine Fisheries Service. Donate Subscribe. Erich K. April 18, 2008 http: Characteristics unique to this animal.

what does tiger sharks eat

Tiger sharks have also been known to eat other tiger sharks, but they're not the only ones -- a tiger shark's fins are a hot culinary commodity in Asian culture. They can eat almost anything, from turtles to birds, as well as other sharks and fish. Observers collect data at sea while on commercial fishing vessels.

what does tiger sharks eat

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12 fearsome facts about tiger sharks

Very little is known about the behavior of tiger sharks. Rubber boots, bags of charcoal, boat cushions, hubcaps, pets, raincoats, handbags, cow's hooves, deer antlers, lobsters , a suit of armor, sneakers with legs attached…this list could go on for a while [source: These teeth have both a cutting as well as sawing region.

Small tiger sharks feast primarily on fish and sea snakes , but as they grow, their giant mouths and increased size allow them to catch larger prey. My summer breaks usually meant field work, lab work, analyzing data, and for one summer: Spoiler alert: Please enter a nickname which you can use to identify your comment, but which others can not use to identify you.

what does tiger sharks eat

The tooth region which protects the saw from the enormous biting pressure is marked with an arrow.