What does battered fish mean

I can get how the batter can be used for "fish 'n' chips". Change your default dictionary to American English. Eventually, Anna hits the nail on the head with prawn toast: Explore Thesaurus.

batter/to batter/battered (fish 'n' chips)

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what does battered fish mean

How do you reheat the fish while still keeping the integrity of that crispy batter coating? I also, for the purposes of keeping a roof over my head flatmates tend to prefer their washing not to stink of sirloin, in my experience , fry most of the above in groundnut oil, but, having written the final recipe, I can't resist giving it a try with my old favourite, beef dripping.

I hope that you have enjoyed this recipe and that these tips proved helpful in making a delicious fish fry dinner!

what does battered fish mean

Sustainable birthday parties Hooo weee! You know what my pescetarian blog lacks? I got confused because yes he was blending this mixture with awhisk... Reuse this content. Thanks for sharing on Fiesta Friday! It's lovely and crisp, but quite solid, and lacks much volume.

Coke Battered Deep Fried Cod

This will also give the batter a more interesting texture. Conversely, The River Cottage Fish Book uses plain flour and beer, which gives a similarly crunchy, but rather dense and dry result, as if the batter might have been a little bit on the thick side. The cake proved a mere gateway drug: Forgot your password?

what does battered fish mean

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