Sax lesson 10 whole tone melody thornton

I have performed with the Brockton Symphony, played numerous solo recitals, played chamber music, and traveled to Brazil to perform with the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.

sax lesson 10 whole tone melody thornton

Just to give you some idea of how we drew up the criteria for this list: For those who want to know and shiver to the thrills of encountering earth-moving genius for the first time, master takes only, then this 2-CD set from the 1980s is the best entry point: I am passionate about educating and empowering my students and I enjoy connecting with a wide array of musicians of all ages, playing levels and backgrounds.

I'm a kind and patient person and my teaching style is laid back and personalized, based on the progress of each student. Latest News.

Sax Lesson 96: Augmented Scale Study

Sean Greene. While it might be hard to get him to wax poetic about his own vocals, the bottom line is that Matteo is a lot more than just a competent singer. What an opportunity it was ever to have met the man! Wishing you health, happiness and lots of Blues music! When we moved to Pennsylvania the guitar came with me.

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He also is networked well with some of the top Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors, Ornolaryngologists, and Speech Pathologists and works in tandem with them on Voice Rehabilitation cases. Five tunes, exceedingly simple in construction, exceptionally deep in evocative power, played by seven post-bop masters, all in their prime. An eclectic performance career features Dr.

sax lesson 10 whole tone melody thornton

Tony also continues to be a free-lance saxophonist in the greater Los Angeles area where he resides with his wife Kia and their children, Anthony Nikos Ross and Sarah Georgia. Students may also play their songs through their IPODS and our WiFi capability allows us to download songs from YouTube as well as give us the lightning fast ability to download songs and Karaoke from the MP3 download service.

Playing Whole Notes on the Saxophone

I pulled out all of my old hand written Dante notes and oddly I realized the system and its ease after twenty years. Unlike some other releases from Stefan Grossman the original artist recordings are not included in the lessons due to licensing issues , so you will need to buy your own.

sax lesson 10 whole tone melody thornton

I am constantly encouraging my students to listen to as much music as possible, or better yet, to watch and listen to as much live music as possible. After graduating from high school, I attended Berklee College of Music in Boston on scholarship where I studied performance and jazz composition.

Saxophone Lessons in Boston, MA

Beaty has been an active soloist, chamber musician and educator for over 20 years. An absolute and indisputable joy. The model 632 employs the following features:.

sax lesson 10 whole tone melody thornton

Mike is a member of the U. Blues Overdrive is a Danish four piece band that has been together since 2001 and Clinch! One-dimensional exercises such as list-making seem especially un-hip and unrevealing when it comes to jazz, the most porous and democratic of musics, open to all influences, granting all styles equal value and importance. Singers from New York City Opera Company used to sneak away from their teachers and come to Boston to study with Dante who would cure their wrecked voices from their famous opera teachers they had in NY.