How to trim a weeping willow

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how to trim a weeping willow

Salix babylonica, also known as the weeping willow, is a dioecious, deciduous tree native to China. Home Guides SF Gate. In addition, a willow produces in autumn tons of dirt with its foliage.

how to trim a weeping willow

The long tails of a weeping willow that has been shortened before develop almost exclusively next to the previous cut. I like the natural length of the branches. David yeah, but I don't know what the people would think. Sue 4,655 3 21 58. Next chore: Winter January to March.

How to Trim Weeping Willows

However all the cuts are at the same height and, if continued for years, will produce a thick mass of branches. This is a requested article about the weeping willow. Improper pruning can shorten a tree's life. Related 11.

Do not remove upward-growing branches on naturally weeping trees, as opposed to grafted varieties.

How to cut a weeping willow

However you would have to work really hard to damage a willow with bad pruning. I had a willow at my old house. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

The photos testify this. Trimming with a hedge trimmer is essentially pollarding.

Pruning Weeping Willow Trees

In our experience, this is absolutely true. Customer Service Newsroom Contacts.

how to trim a weeping willow

We did not see any activity coming from the nest, but of course, we left it undisturbed. Bell has handed out beauty and fashion advice since she could talk -- and for the last six years, write for online publications like Daily Glow and SheBudgets. Here's why: The weeping willow got it's name because of its long branches that hang down and mostly touch the ground.

You can merciless and saber it down and the tree even likes it. This member of the Salicaceae family, named for its attractive, low-hanging foliage, features long, flowing branches that create a cascading arch when properly cultivated. Pruning prevents willow trees from developing clusters of dense, tangled branches, which can leave its fragile wood susceptible to wind and snow damage.