How to prepare for first airplane flight

After the airplane has landed, stay in your seat until the plane reaches its gate. What happens if you miss your flight? Please check mailing preferences. Otherwise, ask your doctor to prescribe you antihistamines with a sedative effect. I would like to subscribe to The Points Guy newsletter and special email promotions.

how to prepare for first airplane flight

You will then be able to skip the check-in counters at the airport and go directly to security. Once you are air borne, the flight attendants will begin food and drink service. Airlines have specific boarding procedures.

Step-by-Step First-Time Air Travel Guide

Only you know your child best, but try to keep them on as normal of a schedule as possible in terms of sleeping, meals, etc. They will also charge additional fees for a bag weighing too much, usually more than 50 lbs.

After the flight. For an explanation of our Advertising Policy, visit this page. Planes are built to fly in and withstand these conditions.

How to Prepare for a Child’s First Flight

Most airlines now provide in-seat entertainment, so you can watch movies and other shows while flying. When the plane is at the gate and stopped, the pilot will turn off the seat belt sign. The kiosk will print your boarding pass.

how to prepare for first airplane flight

Go to your gate. Early boarding. Additionally, if you qualify for Pre-Check then that can really cut down your waiting in security lines.

how to prepare for first airplane flight

Flight Training Print Edit Send fan mail to authors. However, I can guarantee you that no matter how it feels in the moment, the flight will not last forever. Get your baggage.