How to play mage deck hearthstone

how to play mage deck hearthstone

Feb 06, 2019 COST 5,240. Feb 07, 2019 COST 5,120. Archmage , much like Kobold Geomancer is included as a tech card to buff the numerous spell cards in the deck.

Pirate Warrior Deck 0. Freeze a minion and the minions next to it, and deal 1 damage to them.

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Revenue will go towards monthly server costs and new website features. Ethereal armor dissipates in 6 hours which can cause extreme awkwardness for first time buyers. Jaina was never good at keeping up apprentices. Ice Barrier.

how to play mage deck hearthstone

Unexpected Results. And blood elves...

Basic Mage Deck

Feb 06, 2019 COST 5,360. Flame Geyser. Card Swap section updated to reflect Standard rotation.

how to play mage deck hearthstone

Feb 07, 2019 COST 11,840. Nonetheless, for your consideration: Add a copy of your opening hand to your hand except this card.

how to play mage deck hearthstone

You get cheaper cards while also supporting the continued development of Metabomb. You should aim to be greedy with this card and kill several minions at once, however, playing it just to kill a couple of minions and maintain the initiative if you already have minions of your own in play is also a strong option.

There was going to be a pun in this flavor text, but it just came out baa-d. While it's fun to intercept enemy lightning bolts, a spellbender much prefers to intercept opposing Marks of the Wild.

Secret Mage deck list guide - Rastakhan - Hearthstone (February 2019)

Hopefully this will both help you to succeed with this deck, as well as inform your own deck building decisions in the future. Blackrock Mountain. How exactly you play this process out depends very much on how those Secrets influence the board state, and the difficulties the opponent forces you to deal with too.