How to make fire poi balls

Lost Password? Attach the eye part of the eyebolt to a pair of 26 inch long dog chains which you can get from Walmart by using a stainless steel quicklink Harbor Freight Tools to join them.

How to Make Fire Poi (Full Performance Set)

Fire poi, stripped to its bare bones, has a 3-part structure. Right of withdrawal. They are ready to spin...

how to make fire poi balls

From Insults to Community Building. The bolt, going through the fifth link, should later pierce the middle of the Kevlar, with the remaining 4 links looping back and key-chain-ringing to the body of the chain. The Novas by Dark Monk are, in my humble opinion, the best poi wick currently available.

how to make fire poi balls

A few feet of rope is left unused after tightening the knot. Returns and Refunds. Business hours. TheRealSamChaney miketrese. Health and Safety: Tighten it all up with a nut, and you got yourself half a poi!

Your Poi and You – Materials and Maintenance

Make sure your technora is properly protected from the flames, whether by a length of chain or sleeving. How long will my Fyregear last? Do you think the flame from 3" cubes would be too hot for poi? See www.

how to make fire poi balls

Reply Upvote. It also tastes really bad if you do fire eating. The two ends of the cord used to make the knot are cut flush with the knot and secured to the core.

Make Your Own Fire Poi

Tube core Fire Head. Wicking is more likely to degrade faster from flexing of the edge wick fibers however wick can be stiffened using PVA white school glue. It is also flavourless. From soot stained and nasty to nice and grippy.

Fire Poi, Examples of making FIRE POI heads

The tube core has the wick rolled around it and it is held by what ever means you feel comfortable with. The 1200mm fire staff is the most common length, followed by the 1400mm.

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