How to make blotted line drawing

Another reason why he liked it [the blotted line technique] so much [was that] by having your master drawing with which you made your blot, you could keep blotting it and redrawing it and blotting it each time and make duplicate images. What type of person do you think Warhol was trying to attract with these ads? When you look at advertisements, how do artists and designers manipulate images to make products seem more appealing?

Warhol often colored his blotted line drawings with watercolor dyes or applied gold leaf. Warhol first experimented with blotted line while still a college student at Carnegie Institute of Technology now Carnegie Mellon University.

how to make blotted line drawing

When using gold leaf, apply a thin layer of Aquasize on selected areas and wait for it to become tacky before placing pieces of gold leaf on top. If there is time, make a series of drawings from the same source image with alterations to color, decoration, and impact. Select a source image, then tape a piece of tracing paper on top of the image.

Students use critical thinking skills to judge commercial advertisements and to make decisions on what they will include, embellish, and edit out of their own drawings.

Materials Pencils and dark markers Ink pens and nibs India ink Dr.

Andy Warhol’s blotted line print drawings

Andy and I began a campaign, which was unprecedented at the time. Continue to ink and blot small segments at a time until the drawing is finished. Collect a range of magazine source images e. Students establish criteria for successful advertising.

The following assessments can be used for this lesson using the downloadable assessment rubric. On a separate piece of paper, ask students to identify what they chose to include and embellish and what they chose to exclude for the original source in their final illustrations.

how to make blotted line drawing

Blotted line enabled Warhol to create a variety of illustrations along a similar theme. Trace the lines of the source image onto the tracing paper with a pencil. Have students hang their drawings next to their original source material. In a sea of tiny little images that were the pages of the Times , these bold blockbuster fantasies were extraordinarily effective. We ran full pages, half pages, every Sunday in the New York Times.

how to make blotted line drawing

Next, hinge the tracing paper with tape to the Arches 88 or Coventry Rag paper. Students predict marketability to an intended audience.

Using a rating scale from 1—5 five being the highest rating , have students assess the appeal of their product illustrations.

how to make blotted line drawing

Warhol began by copying a line drawing in pencil on a piece of non-absorbent paper, such as tracing paper. What is left out? Miller and for Andy as well. Cut tracing paper to corresponding sizes.

how to make blotted line drawing

Trace over the penciled line with black marker. Fredericks in Patrick S.