How to find workflow name in informatica

Understand Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Manager

Service Domain The domain where the Integration Service is located. Would you like us to remember you? The name of the JCL that you want to create in the partitioned dataset.

how to find workflow name in informatica

Specifies the name of the Informatica agent where the workflow runs. For fixed set of information about session run use pmcmd getsessionstatistics instead. The next tasks will only execute if the latest expression evaluates to true, otherwise it will keep running until changes have been made in the IDB.

Listening to a Database change with Informatica PowerCenter

Here all 14 rows are successfully loaded in the target, so the count is same for both. Click the Repository List tab to get a list of selectable repositories. DevOps HBase.

how to find workflow name in informatica

Step 5 — To view the task details Right click on task name In the pop-up window select "get run properties" A properties window would appear with the task details Step 6 — Click on each of the menu of the properties window to view specific details.

Read and understand all the questions and their answers below and in the following pages to get a good grasp in Informatica. Generally, a workflow contains a session and any other task you may want to perform when you run a workflow.

Learning Informatica PowerCenter 9.x by Rahul Malewar

All rights reserved. We query the table to check only for these two columns. Specifies the Informatica PowerCenter repository folder name where the specified workflow resides. Select an engine and click Go. Applied rows signify how many records Informatica had tried to update or insert the target Affected rows signify how many numbers of applied rows were actually succeeded.

Here we chose "Task Details" to view.

how to find workflow name in informatica

The name of the partitioned dataset where you want to create the JCL. You can leave blank if a valid value is provided in the PowerCenterJobExecutor.

how to find workflow name in informatica

For example, how many rows are fetched from the source and how many rows are populated in the target the current throughput, etc In the following screen, 14 records are fetched from the source, and all 14 are populated in the target table. Let us know more about the components and services associated with Powercenter.

Disagree strongly 1 2 3 4 5 Agree strongly Submit rating and optional comments about this page. This creates issues like abnormal "SessLogs" growth, slower mapping performance etc. Hive MongoDB. Under the status column, you will see whether you are connected or disconnected to integration service.

Completion time — The time at which task or workflow completed the execution. The name of the workstation on which the job runs.

how to find workflow name in informatica

User Name The name used to access the repository.