How to do the whip catch air

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It takes balance, technique, and practice, but the tail-whip is both flashy and relatively straight-forward. Get the diabolo spinning then make a low Throw about 2 feet above your head that goes out to your subordinate side rather than straight up.

how to do the whip catch air

Edit Related wikiHows. In this Article: Warnings Do not wear low-cut socks and try to use ankle protection ie, pants, etc if you can. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Above Shoulder Whip Do the start of grip hook and whip but instead of throwing it infront, flick your wrist backwards so it goes over your shoulder.

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Whip Catch

Practice the tailwhip while standing. You can do it!

how to do the whip catch air

Not Helpful 19 Helpful 51. Finger Grind Whip Get the diabolo spinning fairly fast and hold both sticks in one hand. Throw the diabolo into the air as if you are tossing a pancake. Did this article help you?

how to do the whip catch air

Kick it harder. Put your riding foot forward and position your pedaling foot on the opposite side of the brake, slightly hanging over the edge.

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Most of the "whip" is done then with the wrists. When doing it remember to keep the bar in tight to your body, don't let it swing out! Practice doing a heel whip.

how to do the whip catch air

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