Dr who 2008 christmas episode friends

Share this page: The performances overall are OK, David Morrisey is good as the next doctor but David Tennant is a little too subdued in my opinion. This episode cries out not be taken too seriously as every serious Dickensian reference is riposted with light-hearted sideways nods at more contemporary action characters as the Doctor makes a Superman-type rescue of a young boy and of course that whole over-the-top "Transformers"-style climax as the gigantor Cyber-King is brought back down to earth, almost literally.

Doctor Who Christmas episode time-travels to New Year's Day

Full Cast and Crew. The real villainy came from sexy Dervla Kirwan as 'Miss Hartigan', easily the best female villain in the show for some time. Theo Robertson 24 June 2009.

They both team up to fight the villainous Ms.

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Lots of kids watch this. Doctor Who gets her own Barbie doll but not everyone likes it. Hartigan's clothing contrasts sharply against the drained blacks and greys of the rest of the congregation.

dr who 2008 christmas episode friends

That's the nature of time travel, I suppose. The script was very dull. The lost hand proved to be a story for another time... Never the less there are some rather novel ideas thrown in which include the explanation as to who "The New Doctor" really is and why he believes himself to be the ancient Time Lord of legend and an interesting if a bit hackneyed inclusion of a weather balloon. Not forgetting that part of the plot relies on young urchins being exploited as a means of slave labour.

dr who 2008 christmas episode friends

Indeed, his character development as he finds his true self, coupled with the uplifting ending when he invites The Doctor for dinner, is certainly the most joyous and satisfying resolution of all the Christmas specials.

Plot Summary. The appearance of the earlier Doctors was nice, and there were some good jokes.

dr who 2008 christmas episode friends

Sign in. Davids Tennant and Morrisey are both excellent together and if you ignore the poor production of the Cyberking at the end you'll find an episode that is extremely creative and manages to pull off a bizarre set of ideas with a surprising level of success.

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The Next Doctor

To enjoy Newsround at its best you will need to have JavaScript turned on. The story has a familiar Christmas setting with shades of Dickens, from the Victorian setting to the orphans and the work houses, but it doesn't really seem to have the essence of the Christmas Spirit. Release Dates. Miss Hartigan Velile Tshabalala...

I enjoyed the story, the pacing, and especially Morrisey's acting. I guess, it'll take a while for me to get over it, but I shall try.