Bell howell air purifier

For such a quiet thing it sure makes a difference. They designed this so poorly that the switch to turn it on is embedded with the button to take the removable panel off so any slight force will break the whole darn thing.

bell howell air purifier

Negative ions have a positive effect on health and can remove odor and smoke. Immune System Threats Germs, Virus, etc. Was deciding to get the XL model but learned those things are garbage as well after reading the negative reviews.

Bell Howell Ionizer Air Purifier Review

Nice ionizer, good price, useful but stopped working after about a year This is a good ionizer; especially useful since I live in a city and cannot open my window to get fresh air.

No reproduction permitted without permission. I was a little disappointed with it becuase it is very cheaply made and at first we could get the switch to work.

bell howell air purifier

Air Ionizer. I have to use turbo because whisper stopped working after the first 2-3 days.

Bowe Bell + Howell 7842 Ionizer Air Purifier

Gas Removal Odor, Chemicals, Smoke 5 5. Air Purifier. On the low setting there is no fan so it is difficult to know if it is even doing anything and seems to work better on the higher setting.

bell howell air purifier

Pros and Cons Pros 1 - Inexpensive 2 - No filters to change 3 - Will help smoke and odor Cons 1 - Cheaply made 2 - Not effective for dust, pollen, germs 3 - No warranty 4 - Small rooms only.

Air Purifier Ionizer.

bell howell air purifier

Ease of Use 10 8. Particle Removal Allergens, Dust 2 3.

This is a mini tower ionizer about 12 inches in height. It does not work on dust or pollen however.

bell howell air purifier

Originally, I purchased this product to help keep the dust and other factors down where I live, but, the device only worked for a few hours before the ionizer quit totally. I noticed it's absence since the last one died. And it's allergy season.