What happens at nursing school orientation

What to Expect Your First Day of Nursing School

Bring a folder for important paperwork. Oxhorn says. No further action is required for the background check. What the above steps have in common is that they are key ways to help you prepare for how busy you will be during nursing school.

Have a realistic attitude.

what happens at nursing school orientation

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of information contained on the ECPI. If you are moving throughout the facility during orientation, be sure that you will be with one nurse during that time on a specific unit. Some students view their first day of nursing school as a fresh start, or a chance to begin again. You may have already received a list of books you need, or you will get a list on the first day of class.

what happens at nursing school orientation

Notify me of new comments via email. Review a unit specific text. I had a similar experience as the previous posters but there was no one there selling stethoscopes or uniforms.

what happens at nursing school orientation

Depending on the area in which you are working, it may encompass several days of classroom learning followed by unit orientation. I have been trying to buy some school supplies now and I just needed some advice. One of the best things you can do before your first day of class is to mentally prepare yourself to be busier than you expect. Toggle navigation. Before your first official day of nursing school, you will be required to attend a mandatory two-day ABSN orientation.

Meet and share contact information with at least one classmate. Take the packet home and review it when you can.

what happens at nursing school orientation

Many students don't anticipate just how much time and effort most of their classes will require of them and as such can quickly feel as though they are falling behind. We had a great time together!! Don't just stop at the above folder recommendation.

What You Can Expect From Your First Day of Nursing School

Take care of practical matters before school starts. Make note of email addresses and phone numbers. Bookstore 1-1: But you will meet all of your classmates. An Evening with the Stars.

what happens at nursing school orientation

Directions to campus Directions to parking.