What episode is nanamis confession in

The God Asks a Boy Out On A Date

Apr 2014 Posts: Contents [ show ]. The feeling to protect someone and be happy as long as that person is safe! Tomoe asks Mizuki if his feelings for Nanami are a result of the magic binding him as a familiar, but Mizuki explains it's because Tomoe has romantic feelings for Nanami.

Tomoe tells her she's not thinking straight and carries her, walking along the edge of the building but accidentally drops her. Tomoe tests this premise and learns it's true, but this only irritates him and as such, he does not tell Nanami.

Episode 10

The little tengu's are so adorable! Relativity theory is so romantic. Nanami accepts this and makes a deal with another god for peach pills as a parting gift, delivered by Mizuki.

Sep 2011 Posts: Start a Wiki. Jiro-san is more better this episode and we see some nice character development. Not only that, she cleared up his heart and I think that's enough of a reason to fall for someone. I somehow like all of them better with Nanami than Tomoe mainly Jiro and Kirihito he's so tsundere that it's annoying.

Kamisama Hajimemashitaâ—Ž Episode 10 Discussion

Nanami then sneaks up on Kurama and, using her white charms , turn him into air in most people's eyes. Jirou, I feel sorry for ya man! When Tomoe said "Let her do whatever she wants, she has a short lifetime blah blah"- did anyone else think "Well using that logic be with her, she's clearly wants you and vice versa, hurry up and confess!

Tomoe & Nanami Wedding/Graduation Day đź’•

My Anime List. BBCode Modified by rebelakuma, Mar 16, 2015 2: When I was wondering when that monkey will transform into human boy, he did a bit in this ep. Without change,we end up becoming the very person we hate.

Hated it. Poor Jiro...