What does entreated mean in the bible

Are you easily entreated?

KJV Dictionary Definition: entreat

In Genesis 25: Which would put it inline with Jesus' atoning works on the cross as well as in being obedient to God's Commandment for His people to come out from amongst them and to keep thy self separate from them and their false teachings and worship practices.

They should have recourse to the Apostles, who are able to help us, and should entreat for the intercessions of angels and martyrs. Used; managed.

what does entreated mean in the bible

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what does entreated mean in the bible

Thus should we commit great evil against our own souls. Choose the Right Synonym for entreat beg , entreat , beseech , implore , supplicate , adjure , importune mean to ask urgently. Words that rhyme with entreat Thesaurus: Online Bible. Test your knowledge - and maybe learn something along the way. Post as a guest Name. KJV Mark 5: Enthusiastic consistently Attitude is a choice — you can choose your outlook today.

Examples of entreat in a Sentence I entreat you to help me.

what does entreated mean in the bible

But I know this is where God has me, so the decisions are easier, and the Lord shows me how it will work—if I am looking for it. Each lesson is original, creative and features a variety of activities such as: Kids Definition of entreat. Word Origin a form of deo Definition...

Easy to Be Intreated

To treat, or conduct toward; to deal with; to use. YLT 1 Peter 2: WEY 1 Corinthians 4: Although the Greek word is used elsewhere in this form, traditionally meaning to exhort or urge, conciliation seems to make th most sense here. Matthew 9: There are many areas where we need to be consistent.

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what does entreated mean in the bible