What are the six original nhl teams

NHL expansion from Original 6 to Seattle

They've won their division 19 times and their conference six times, and have skated their way to their playoffs 64 times since their inception. For the next 25 years, the six teams left standing at the beginning of the 1942 season were all the NHL had.

NHL awards expansion franchise to Tampa. It was the badge that reminded us all of our exploits and the different difficulties we got into and the different accomplishments we made.

A Brief History of the Original Six

One of these teams was the Detroit Cougars who, despite their name, played their home games across the border in Windsor, Ontario. Toronto is the only other current team that has been around since the founding of the NHL.

what are the six original nhl teams

Though obviously not an American NHL franchise, its team colors are red, white and blue. Late in the 1926-27 season, the team was sold again—this time to Conn Smythe, who changed the name of the team to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Montreal Canadiens were founded in 1909.

From six teams to 31: History of NHL expansion

The team had been having problems from the beginning, and without an arena they disbanded permanently. Over the next 18 years, teams would join and leave the league periodically—the NHL had as many as ten franchises during this era.

what are the six original nhl teams

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Who Are the Original Six of the NHL?

User login Username: The NHL uses cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. Even though they drew many players from the NHA Toronto Blueshirts, they do not claim any Blueshirts history as their own. Before this victory, they nabbed their last Cup in 1940, thus the "Curse of 1940. In 1927, they moved into Detroit proper and their new home in Olympia Stadium. Then they bounced back in 1962, winning another Stanley Cup, then their 13th Stanley Cup overall in 1967.

They're said to be the following teams, listed from the oldest to the youngest. True Lies: The original Senators had played in the NHL from 1917-34.

what are the six original nhl teams

At the same time, they formed a new league and called it the National Hockey League. Before the 1986-87 season, team officials looking at the original NHL contract from 1926 discovered that the team name was on the document as a single compound word Blackhawks. Online Bonus Content.