Terraria how to find a fish statue

terraria how to find a fish statue

I"ll just stick to pumpkin moon. Discussion in ' The Crossroads: View mobile website. Goldfish no longer drop goldfish items when killed, instead you have to use a Bug Net on them.

Fish Statue

MikeH7186 MikeH7186 Topic Creator 6 years ago 8 Dungeons always have a few guaranteed whereas if I just search underground it's pretty much luck if I find the buildings. Start a New Discussion. Log In Sign Up. Yes, my password is: Ziggyzagoo , Jul 23, 2015. I've only found 1 goldfish, 2 crab, and 3 slime statues.

How to Make a Statue Spawn in Terraria

Sign up for free! If I could find 2 more goldfish statues I'd be set. Global Achievements. Kill bosses.

Gold fish Statues are OP. I love it.

Only fish underground can drop money. And sell it.

terraria how to find a fish statue

Boards Terraria Any tips to find statues? The item can no longer be eaten or sold for money, although it still works in all the crafting recipes that used goldfish before.

terraria how to find a fish statue

I'm not sure whether they're affected by spelunker potions or not, but you could try that out. QwelzaarKane QwelzaarKane 6 years ago 4 Smaller worlds have less than large worlds, but everything is closer together, so I prefer them.