Lattice sunstone jewelry wholesale

Discover one of the rarest, most beautiful and interesting gemstones on Earth. In 1985 two men, exploring Australia's far North, stumbled upon a gemstone the likes of which had never been seen before.

Majestic Rainbow Lattice Sunstone Ring

An alchemical stone bringing a profound connection to light and the regenerative power of the sun during meditation and in everyday life. We like to think of ourselves as an intentional mining company. The oriented inclusions in this rough piece of rainbow lattice sunstone show up in perfect parallel lines. At their request we have named our mine in honour of their Dreaming, Utnerrengatye Rainbow Caterpillar.

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lattice sunstone jewelry wholesale

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The patterns looked manufactured and unnaturally geometric.

5 Things to Know About … Rainbow Lattice Sunstone

Truly reflecting the qualities of Light, it brings openness, benevolence and warmth, strength, mental clarity, and the willingness and ability to bestow blessings upon others. Science , Travel , Gemstones. Subscribe Now. Asterism Gems Australia, a company formed in 2015, is working to get approval on a mining lease for the small area from which it is sourced.

lattice sunstone jewelry wholesale

JA New York Summer. Arthur said they will mine using only hand tools. Putting today's issues under full magnification.

lattice sunstone jewelry wholesale

These remarkable gemstones are found in a very small, distant patch of desert in Australia's Northern Territory. These very rare gems are one of Australia's most unique gemstones only found in one location in the entire world. These Phenomenal gems exhibit moving lines, star, or changes on the surface as the light varied, and was considered to bring good fortune.


However, since much of the educational material about it still uses the whole name, including an article referenced below, I decided to keep it. They are very rare and expensive and highly sought after. Arthur said the mining lease will be smaller than 500 x 400 meters, an area which includes the entire deposit. Arthur said Mason had a small claim on it for some years, with small amounts of rainbow lattice sunstone filtering into the market over time, but that claim lapsed a few years ago.