How to use transfer paper

It tends to be a little less sticky so it might be a bit easier to get to release on the wall.

How to Use Vinyl Transfer Paper (Vinyl Transfer Tape)

Use a hot iron to transfer your design. Make sure you score it well before you try to remove 2. They can be tricky and are easy to miss! This will prevent your design from sliding and give you the best possible transfer. I am scraping and scraping and it never seems to want to stick to my project.

It gets even harder when the design is big or intricate. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

how to use transfer paper

Be sure to press down firmly, as this will ensure a better transfer onto the receiving surface. Take time now to ensure everything is where you want it.

Print out your intended vinyl text or design in your chosen color or colors. Using a ballpoint pen or a stylus, trace your pattern or design.

How to Use Transfer Paper with Vinyl

Once you get the hang of the vinyl transfer paper you will be able to customize and design anything you set your mind to. Have you had issues with paint, varnish, etc.

how to use transfer paper

I will be a Pro soon thanks to you! I peeled the adhesive off the vinyl and stuck it on the sticky side of the mat.

You may opt to use masking tape or drafting dots to hold down the design while you trace. Thanks for letting us know.

how to use transfer paper

Soon enough vinyl transfer paper will feel like a breeze for you. Wash your fabric.

how to use transfer paper

Is it dishwasher safe? Use a scraper tool to smooth the transfer paper over the vinyl and ensure that it sticks properly. I can not wait to do a project.

how to use transfer paper

Hope this helps! That means that if you purchase a product through one of my links, I receive a small commission, and the price is still the same for you! So make sure to pin this post for reference to your Silhouette Pinterest board and then come back often to learn more. If you are transferring a photo or intricate design, use a printable heat transfer paper.

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