How to tell first edition comics

You may have to register before you can post: The indicia is the term used in publishing, given to a piece of text that is printed somewhere in either the front or back of the comic book. Standard first edition comics are often quite sought after. But it would have the new issue of whatever the next issue would have been. A general rule is for older comics the indicia is at the front of the comic book, while for newer comics, the indicia is often at the rear of the comic book.

The first comic to introduce Batman, Detective Comics, released in 1939 is another highly collectible first edition comic. A first edition comic may not necessarily state it is a first edition in the indicia.

How to Determine if Your Comics are First Edition

Other comic brands may have their indicia in different places than this. The best way to identify first edition comics is to look at what is called the indicia. Sold for several million dollars, this Actions Comics first edition introduced Superman and Lois Lane. Most possibly youll get the first print when the comic is still new but if youre buying the comic like after 3 months, its most likely a second print.

Some first edition comics sell for thousands, and even millions, of dollars. Doctor Doom appreciation 2018 thread.

how to tell first edition comics

The time now is 03: That's because a shop owner today has misjudged the interest on a comic and didn't order enough. One of the significant factors giving a comic book its value is its edition number.

how to tell first edition comics

But I agree about the bronze age not doing second printings like you see now sometimes on Diamond. So you'd sometimes get a reprint of an earlier issue.

The indicia is usually found on the inside front cover or the inside back cover of a comic. Subscribe Email Facebook Twitter. It does not mean it is a first edition of the standard comic edition.

how to tell first edition comics

However, it will state if it is not a first edition. Marvel used to do reprints when the Dreaded Deadline Doom caught the creative team behind their deadlines.