How to make jake neverland sword

how to make jake neverland sword

Be careful where you paint, and where you place your brushes. This project is a great way to make an accurate Jake sword and an easy introduction to EVA foam.

how to make jake neverland sword

Un-coated, the foam would absorb any paint. If the goal is realistic wood, a black acrylic for mixing will be needed. Cut an opening in the hilt for the blade, the opening should be snug. Once you've cut the blade, two pieces for the handle, two pieces for the hilt, and pommel, confirm that the cuts went through the entire depth of the foam.

Use the hobby knife to trim away excess hot glue. You should not spray this inside. Intermediate Leatherworking Class. The top hilt is 4"x2", the knuckle guard is 10"x2", the handle is 2 pieces at 1. Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. This project looks totally doable. Less is better than too much.

How to Make Jake’s Sword

Next remove the pieces from the foam mat. A respirator or mask is recommended.

how to make jake neverland sword

You can dab this into the crevices and then wipe it off with a paper towel to highlight the wood grain on the blade and the handle crevices. You want two inches of rod to protrude from the base of the blade into the handle.

Now that the pieces have been cut, it's time to glue. Carefully cut the back edge of the blade to insert the metal rod.

Sword From Jake and the Never Land Pirates

A fingerprint should not be left in the paint. WardWorks amberrayh Reply 4 years ago on Introduction. Paint Part 1 While my blade build stopped before paint, yours doesn't have to. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Instructables!

Paint one side, let it dry, and then paint the other. Use a hacksaw to remove excess from the rod Once the rod and opening are the right size, line the opening with hot glue.

If you desire more detail, remove almost all of the paint from your brush, and then apply darker and lighter paint strokes to the sword to mimic wood. EVA foam can be used to create all kind of props, including armor.