How to draw lipsticks

However, don't worry!

how to draw lipsticks

We will concentrate on the women's version for this tutorial! And finally, on the bottom, this line is a little more on the right again.

Carefully follow the instruction not to miss important details. Start your drawing by sketching three rectangles. Probably the most popular cosmetic product available for women, the lipstick has been around for many centuries.

You can use any other colors. Collage of the stages of the lipstick drawing. This drawing lesson will help you draw a cartoon lipstick!

how to draw lipsticks

Case The place where the lipstick is inserted. Submit Cancel.

Draw the line of cut of the lipstick. Go back to Learn to draw objects Go back from How to draw a cartoon lipstick to home page. The bottom of the lipstick should be black and the middle part golden. You've just created a nice tube of lipstick in six easy steps! Send Cancel.

Engage her in drawing her cosmetics, and she can choose the color by herself. Lipstick's crayon Schematically, give an oval shape to it with an elongated tip.

Cover's volume The lipstick cover must follow the shape of the crayon. Tube Draw two parallel lines slightly tilted to the left. Finish your drawing by adding a little transparency to the shadows and reflections.

How to draw a lipstick in stages

Please use the Login form or enter another. The one on the bottom should be larger while the one on top must be thinner.

how to draw lipsticks

Just do that by drawing over the shadows with the colors you have used to create the lipstick!