How safe is puerto rico to visit

how safe is puerto rico to visit

Please check with the Front Desk for pricing. Old San Juan can be described as an open air museum filled with exciting attractions, places to shop, fantastic restaurants, rich culture and vibrant nightlife. Puerto Rico is still as enchanting as ever…your visit is a gift to yourself and to the people on the island. December Update November 2nd update — Many hotels, small inns and resorts are open and taking reservations, however most of the rooms are reserved by hurricane relief workers and volunteers.

It is important to continue showing the devastation that Hurricane Maria caused so we can get the help our citizens deserve to recover.

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Major attractions are getting cleaned and preparing for re-opening their doors. Snack Bar: I was looking around thinking about a visit, but after reading this forum and its DE's posts I am reconsidering it.

how safe is puerto rico to visit

Puerto Rico participates in the Blue Flag program, and not long after the Hurricane, Puerto Rico got 7 Blue Flags , a pretty impressive recovery by our little island in such a short time. If you were to drive around the main roads, visit beaches, tourist areas, town squares, and places tourists frequently visit, you will see a very different picture of what the news media shows.

Is Puerto Rico Safe to Travel To?

Puertoricans are very nice and helpful people. Here are a few steps you can take to avoid these common hazards:. In San Juan area now last 2 weeks, Also visited 2 weeks in Feb.. Despite sleek beachfront vibes, the hotel still offers voluntourism opportunities for guests interested in helping rebuild. Retrieved from https: More good news!

how safe is puerto rico to visit

See more Articles. It's easy to gather information on how to keep yourself safe from impending storms just by watching the news.

how safe is puerto rico to visit

People go to the islands for fun not attitude and if this forum is a reflection of PR I may have to pass. Muggings and scams do happen in urban areas, and tourists and people walking alone are typical targets. The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travelers still warns against ongoing Zika virus transmission.

Puerto Rico Tourism After Hurricane Maria

See all Puerto Rico resources Provided by: What are the most popular tours in Puerto Rico? There may be some minimal noise as a result of the restoration process taking place.

how safe is puerto rico to visit

In addition, here are some other useful numbers: Puerto Rico has made an incredible recovery since the storm.