How a gold refinery worksheets

Many people don't like the look of white gold without the plating.

Another large-scale gold refining technique, the Wohlwill Process refines gold to 99. Pure gold is generally too soft for most practical applications, so other metals are nearly always added to it.

how a gold refinery worksheets

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how a gold refinery worksheets

The process involves first adding nitric acid to gold, then adding hydrochloric or muriatic acid. He graduated from Red River College with a degree in creative communications and currently writes for a variety of local publications.

how a gold refinery worksheets

Red or pink gold is an alloy of gold and copper. How to Purify Gold. World Gold Council: Scientists and goldsmiths often use colors to designate the various gold alloys that are possible. More to Explore. Interestingly, different cultures prefer different karatages. A current is passed through the system, which uses chloroauric acid as an electrolyte; the pure gold collects on the cathode, which can then be melted down or processed.

How Gold Works

So, 24-karat gold is 100 percent gold, while 12-karat gold has exactly half as much. In most cases, the gold is 99. About the Author. These rings look like they may have a rhodium plating.

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When gold is combined in this way, it forms an alloy. Workers add borax and soda ash to the molten metal, which separates the pure gold from other precious and less precious metals. One result of refining: