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Stress Echocardiogram Purpose: This became a project to offer an organized educational system to offer the essentials for a cardiovascular technologist to provide the best possible care for the cardiac patient.

Upon completion, he was assigned to the Dwight D. The program includes documents helpful in preparing for the national exams and also standards guidelines developed by the registries and by the American Society of Echocardiography.

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The 350 and 400 series of courses are focused on congenital heart diseases and the Diagnostic Series that utilize all previous topics in building a complete understanding and interpretation of cardiovascular pathology. Stress More information. Session includes activities in understanding digital components and instrumentation, digital processing, and the major technologies that are revolutionizing echocardiography.

Shavon Williams 334-844-3108; szw0063 auburn. These are areas that all cardiac professionals must use in performance of a thorough cardiovascular assessment. To be able to identify Mitral Regurgitation by reviewing the results of diagnostic procedures to include medical history, signs and symptoms, EKGs, palpation, auscultation, echo and cath Echo Mitral Valve Prolapse This course reviews the pathology of Mitral Valve Prolapse and the results of diagnostic testing indicating the condition.

These More information. The post tests may be taken as many times as the student desires. Reports from your consultation and test results are forwarded promptly to your referring doctor.

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Review education and basic formal training More information. Topics include sinus, atrial, junctional, ventricular rhythms and heart blocks. Echo 207 Fetal Echocardiography This course reviews current uses of fetal echocardiography and includes historical developments, indications, and prenatal findings, the fetal circulatory system, fetal cardiac anatomy, fetal cardiac abnormalities, and various views are covered.

Duties RTs typically do the following: Tracy Lopez, Program Director More information. The courses may be attempted at any time and repeated as often as desired for the learner to feel comfortable with the material and appreciate the achievement in passing.

Competency forms, patient log sheets, and guidelines are provided to record progress and completion of the stated objectives in the clinical setting. To be able to identify fetal circulation and cardiac anatomy, indications for fetal echo, and samples of fetal cardiac abnormalities.