Doctor who jon pertwee episode list

doctor who jon pertwee episode list

Don't miss this 1970 television directorial tour-de-force from Douglas Camfield and Barry Letts! Other Lists by Lady Cole. Mistaken for official delegates from Earth, the Doctor and Jo join a committee of various aliens sent to consider the near-medieval society on the planet Peladon for acceptance into the Galactic Federation.

The Third Doctor

Tell us what you think about this feature. The Mind of Evil: Patrick Troughton -Doctor 3: But American agent Bill Filer's search for the Master does not go entirely in vain, and that opens up yet another kettle of fish....

doctor who jon pertwee episode list

When local white witch Miss Hawthorne warns of death and disaster and tries to stop him, the Doctor decides to rush to the scene to support her, to the surprise of all his friends at U.

Benton, and Captain Mike Yates to try to discover the identity and motives of this situation's instigators..... Returning to the planet Peladon 50 years after his last visit, the Doctor investigates deadly sightings of Aggedor that have conveniently frightened the local miners from using blasphemous high-tech tools to fulfill Peladon's interplanetary trade commitments.

doctor who jon pertwee episode list

Douglas Camfield Stars: Whether or not there's enough picture detail on any other classic Doctor Who TV source material to justify a Blu-ray transfer is unclear.... Peter Capaldi.

Doctor Who Episode Guide Catalogue

Michael E. What dark, supernatural beings might be awoken at the dig?

doctor who jon pertwee episode list

The Doctor soon has his hands full trying to free the societies of two planets from the oppression of giant spiders....

The list only shows the first episode in a particular serial, but I count the serial as a whole rather than episode-by-episode. The Doctor and U. While the Doctor investigates untapped mental powers that lie dormant inside every human being, Mike Yates discovers that some members of the meditation sanctuary he has joined are invoking darker powers during their secret sessions.

doctor who jon pertwee episode list

Music by Dudley Simpson. What is the true extent of its powers?