Doctor who fan film tardis door

July 10, 2013 02: Doctor Who: Second console room Retribution of the Daleks. Some fan films would take this route in order to get around the complication of constructing the prop.

doctor who fan film tardis door

The first one, seen in Access Denied , was improved upon for their next film Hidden Secrets. Original console room. Interior The Invisible Opiate. Started by. Recent publicity shot.

doctor who fan film tardis door

Jump to: September 1, 2013 07: For their first two films Reassembly of the Daleks and Death to the Cybermen , the console consisted of a couple of Commodore 64 computers and what looks like an upside-down fruit bowl.

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The Doctor Who fan who created the show's new titles

Into the Dark Dimension started by ottselspy24. The Sixth Doctor at the console. From the team that would go on to become Westlake Films comes this little effort from the mid-1990's.

doctor who fan film tardis door

This forum is time-shifted. The Fan Film section is intended for films featuring props featured as builds on this site. A view of the console.

How to speak in a British Dalek started by wayne venomous. After digital re-tint.

doctor who fan film tardis door

Console room Rutan.