Rory: So as soon as the Eleventh Doctor: No! The Doctor Who quote that changed my Life: "Always.">

Doctor who 6x04 quotes on life

Even the idea that there was a second console room was TV trickery -- the only reason we got a new set was because they'd dismantled the set for the previous one.

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If anything, the story also seems to make a point that the Doctor isn't reacting as emotionally as Idris during the action -- she sees a graveyard of her sisters, he sees a junkyard full of spare parts.

It's having lunch too. The sign saying 'Pull to open' is an instruction as to how to access the telephone, not the Tardis itself.

doctor who 6x04 quotes on life

They will always listen to you whine and complain over that one thing that never goes right. You'd better tell me all the gossip about the Mercy West people. Cause if you can't give me a brilliant cardiothoracic attending whose willing to teach me, then I can't get what I need from this hospital.

Doctor Who 6x04: The Doctor's Wife

Once again, Matt Smith has shown himself to be a fine actor, always interesting, an alien creature of sharp elbows and incomprehensible thoughts. You really are, you're sick. Oh, sorry. Seven weeks. How to use the Spoiler Tag: I enjoy plumbing!

doctor who 6x04 quotes on life

Log in or sign up in seconds. It is a tick. Well I'm interested. You got anything good? Now and then, every once in a very long while, every day in a million days, when the wind stands fair and the Doctor comes to call, everybody lives. Well, today's your lucky day. You want nice?

doctor who 6x04 quotes on life

That's a tick. He needs a liver transplant. Who couldn't adore that one person who's always there for you? He already fired me once.

doctor who 6x04 quotes on life

Don't turn your back.