And everybody shots turn down for what

I'm not sure it bears listening to for more than a minute, which, to be fair, [clip of... So naturally...

"Turn Down For What" lyrics

Come on, everybody, sing it with me. Groove Is in the Heart. And also unfortunately, it's a little hard to talk about.

and everybody shots turn down for what

That song is disgusting, reprehensible even, that's what made it so great. The lights dimmed for an introductory video showing the Cavs players throughout their careers beneath a somber Keith David voiceover, until the video erupted, after a minute or so, right into Lil Jon screaming that hook, signaling that all bets were fucking off: It all sounds like the same cliched synth lines and drops and beats.

DJ Snakes says one of his influences is [brief clip of live performance by...

Turn Down for What

I get that there are basically two lines, both of them end with one of Lil Jon's catchphrases. Now, trap music was originally the name of a hip-hop style of mostly Southern rappers who wanted to take all the bling and wealth and bejeweled goblets out of rap music and bring it back to the down-and-dirty street level. Wanz - " Thrift Shop ".

and everybody shots turn down for what

It had more ambition than your average techno song. I mean, he was so loud and gross. I prefer more basic, more normal sounding stuff over newer, more modern genres. This was a pro sporting event, so obviously it was rich with testosterone and spectacle, but otherwise we were engaging in polite small talk.

and everybody shots turn down for what

I only have a very limited frame of reference because I don't listen to enough techno, but I get this. Why do we have him around in the first place?

and everybody shots turn down for what

How can this be so hard to decipher? It's just pure aggro screaming and noise. The trend chart shoots up precipitously in November of that year, when, according to a Columbia Records exec , the track was played after a miraculous Hail Mary touchdown at an Auburn-Georgia game.