Whats a good midnight snack

20 Healthy Late-Night Snacks That Won’t Wreck Your Diet

They make for a nourishing combination that will keep you satisfied so you can fall asleep. When your sweet tooth needs satisfying, you can't beat a bowl of berries. This fuzzy-skinned , sweet-tart fruit is nutritious and figure-friendly. And a reasonable snack that satisfies your hunger before bed isn't enough to derail your healthy eating efforts.

10 Healthy Late-Night Snacks

One cup of cornflakes has 100 calories, and a half-cup of skim milk has 45 calories. Here's why: A 6-inch 30-gram tortilla averages 94 calories.

whats a good midnight snack

Plus, both fruit and nuts bring a lot of nutritional benefits to the table, including vitamins, minerals, protein, complex carbs, healthy fats, and fiber. Whitestorm Getty Images. Popcorn is a great p. Tart cherries supply melatonin , which Gorin says helps regulate your internal clock and may be able to increase overall sleep efficiency.

The upshot: At night, thaw for a few minutes and add a drizzle of chocolate, fruit, or other toppings for a quick and easy fro-yo snack. Goji Berries.

whats a good midnight snack

Toast a slice of whole-grain bread and top it with two tablespoons of guacamole for healthy fat. Top a bowl of Greek yogurt with fresh fruit, or stir in frozen berries to make a semifrozen treat.

Quesadillas are an easy late-night snack to make, but if you pile on the cheese, they can be an unhealthy idea if you're trying to lose weight. Tart Cherries.

11 Nutritionist-Approved Late Night Snacks

Edamame , which are unripe, green soybeans, can be purchased fresh or frozen. This article examines the effectiveness and safety of melatonin supplements.

10 Healthy LATE NIGHT Snacks (Under 100 Calories)

Kozy Shack amazon. Some snacks even contain compounds that may help you sleep better 5. Instead, fill up your late-night sandwich with lean protein like turkey, add a few leafy greens, and top with just a bit of cheese. Yes, when it comes to weight management, it's better to eat your biggest meals around the time of day you're most active, but in general, your total calories matter more than the timing. The duo offers filling healthy fats as well as tryptophan, an amino acid that helps your body create melatonin.

Sprinkling it with 1 tablespoon 9 grams of raisins adds 27 calories 32 , 33.

Still Hungry? Here Are 10 Low-Calorie Late-Night Snacks

Sure, your metabolic rate slows down a bit, but it doesn't stop, says Langer. Sabra Classic Singles.

whats a good midnight snack

It may be full of healthy fats, but peanut butter is still full of all those calories.