What do trigonometrical stations indicate definition

This image shows a triangulation point on the top of a mountain.

Meaning of "trig point" in the English dictionary

Filter result by type: As we reached the top of the steps and turned towards the summit we could see there was something different at the trig point. Blog Tags: Image appears courtesy of Simon Stewart of www.

what do trigonometrical stations indicate definition

Walkers aid man who spent an hour clinging to Mam Tor trig pillar in …. After the angles are measured at a point and a theodolite removed, the pole or other object should be carefully... The concrete pillar trig station has a solid concrete foundation and a pillar 1.

what do trigonometrical stations indicate definition

The Dark Peak FR member retained his title in a time of... Another current version of a trig station is a rooftop pillar, which can be seen mounted to manmade structures such as buildings and grain silos. Are we missing a good definition for triangulation station? This map of Knocknacloghoge shows a dot with the number 534 beside it, inside a small enclosed contour line.

what do trigonometrical stations indicate definition

The summit is covered by peat on which grows hare's tail grass... English words that begin with tr. A mystery Burnley fan and would-be artist has given the famous trig point at the top of Pendle Hill a new lick of paint. Do they exist in NSW? Both ways take 10—15 minutes to arrive at the third high point of Rhossili Down. Trig Point 49 by Staithes Car Park and other venues in village.

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Spot height on Knocknacloghoge This is an example of how a spot height is shown on a map. Look at Djouce Mountain on this section of map.

what do trigonometrical stations indicate definition

See the copyright statement for details. Articles Images Media. The public footpath follows the line of a wire fence over the summit of the hill, passing a few metres to the left of the summit trig point.

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