How to water flower pots when away

Watering Plants While Away

Continue to 13 of 16 below. WaterEase Programmable Timer. It can also be used to protect gardens in the heat of summer.

how to water flower pots when away

Priyank1978 2 years ago. Just remember: With drip irrigation, you can put a timer on your spigot and never have to think about when to water your garden. But wait! Ripe tomatoes will simply fall off the plant and ferment.

My last trip was 10 days, and the bags weren't empty when we got home, but the plants were fine, so I know it lasts that long. It's as if the hole was too small.

5 Ways to Water Plants While You're Away on Vacation

A drip irrigation system works by a battery-powered timer. And that's it! Can technology grow a better garden? You have to either completely fill the baggie under water and seal it, or squeeze all the air out of the bag before the last bit is sealed. Related Articles. Hire a Garden Sitter.

how to water flower pots when away

You can always pray for rain, but here are some more practical ideas for watering your plants while you are on vacation. Make sure that you trust this person.

The water will release slowly and steadily while you're away. They take up very little space. You came home at a good time.

how to water flower pots when away

Not Helpful 0 Helpful 2. And, if you live in a dry climate, consider these tips best practice — even if you're not out of town. Once the dirt is washed away, cut off any dead roots and transplant into the hydroponic pot.