How to tie two different gele

how to tie two different gele

Hi,I love this page but I want you to please tell me how to get the customised gele or better still who do I contact to get one? This can sometimes be a frustrating process.

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Nigerian Women Gele Styles

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how to tie two different gele

There is no specific science to tying a gele. I was not able to do the wraps like in your pictures. Thanks for the comments.. By Pbaby Follow. Take the left and right ends of the scarf, and pull them back behind your neck. What a truly gorgeous hub this is! Hope your week is going as planned. Pull the pleated end over the top of her head and refold the pleats. Related Articles. Beautiful photos, too. You are appreciated. You can fold this fabric upward a few times into a nice, neat band, or you can tuck it into the knot.

Thanks MjNicole for your contribution. To bling the Gele, precious stones, beads, rhinestones, and sometimes silk flowers can be added to the Gele for a more glamorous appeal.

how to tie two different gele

He's got his own website and usually booked through the year. If you have always wondered how they came about this beautiful creation, wonder no more darling, watch the video below and be a head turner too.

So hop on and let's go on a fashion journey through a diverse culture.

how to tie two different gele

And for the guy in the video, tying gele is his full time gig. What line would I have crossed?

How To Tie The Infinity Ankara Gele

Thanks so much for your wonderful comments. I am in my early twenties, and currently in college, trying to make something out of myself. Thanks for the piece about the Gele, extremely educational.

how to tie two different gele

Good job! Imagine a mother with a few small daughters getting ready for a wedding. ComfortB, Wonderful informative hub on the Gele!